Don’t be afraid to have these talks, don’t avoid or put it off.’

  • Helping a child feel safe starts from the beginning of their life.
  • It’s always preferable to start early, promoting an environment in your family where children become comfortable and familiar with talking and sharing lots of different topics and therefore comfortable as these topics act as building block to introducing ‘harder topics,’
  • Talking about feeling safe is one of these important conversations but there are many other conversations that need to happen as a stepping stone before this one is tackled – topics about growing up, learning about your body and its changes, learning about friendships and relationships.
  • Parents have told us that sometimes, what gets in the way of raising these areas are some worries and beliefs they have about these topics.
  • As one parent told us:… “It was too hard to teach him about his body, and I didn’t know how, so I didn’t do, it but parents need to know it is okay to explain.
  • These resources have been developed for those parents and to support all parents who are committed to supporting their children’s development.