Supporting and strengthening your child’s development, health, well being and safety.


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Growing Up
This resource has been developed for parents with a child with a disability in supporting your child’s sense of well being and safety as they move through their different developmental stages. It has been developed in consultation with parents, from the literature and from expert professionals, to provide additional resources. We look at the different stages a child goes through as they grow up, tips about how to support children moving through these stages, common worries and myths parents have and strategies about how to cover the different topics that will enhance and support their well being and safety.
What to look for in a quality provider
This resource has been developed for parents to support your process of selecting and interacting with providers and to provide you with an overview of the information, resources and strategies you need to ensure your child is safe when cared for by others. This includes developing and strengthening your capacities and those of your children to feel and be safe. This is an ongoing journey which you will take a number of times throughout your child’s life.