What do parents need to help their children learn about growing up

What helps parents:
  • We know that both parents and children benefit from dealing with these issues as early as possible.
  • The strong view of the research, literature, professionals, other parents who have travelled the road before you and of young people is that the role of parents in assisting their children’s health development is vital and important.
  • ‘Educating parents about development and sexuality and how to talk about this with their child is just as important as educating the child.”
  • Parents therefore need to feel supported, to not be isolated, to be informed.
  • We know that many parents do not feel this way – they may feel powerless, unsure of their role, confused by what to do.

How to feel safe and empowered and supported
  • There are lots of ways this can happen but you will need to be proactive.
  • Start early in building your supports and gathering information.
  • Find out about and attend parent support groups as early as possible,
  • Increase your network of social and professional supports.
  • Find the right types for you (talking directly to other parents, experts, reading, using the internet – a combination of all).
  • Think about what methods work best for you to ensure you can receive clear and concise information which you will then be able to be used in educating and supporting your child.
  • Parents also need to feel safe about discussing these topics and it’s important to recognise that talking about this may be traumatising for some people. Therefore it is important you get the support and help you need to be able to then guide and support your child.